Hello! All you really need to know about me is that my name is Madeline, and I like bands such as Fun., Bastille, Wolf Gang, Vampire Weekend, the Arctic Monkeys, P!AtD, FOB, Lana Del Rey, and Twenty One Pilots. I love Doctor Who and Sherlock! I am a Nerdfighter and I love to read!

I met 3/4 of Bastille and Lasse from Wolf Gang on May 20th and ever since then I have been fangirling everyday.



do you ever imagine what it would be like to be invisible and scare every person you dislike 

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what do nudists do when they’re on their period

I still haven’t gotten an answer does no one know

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I’ve wanted to do an artsy fartsy giveaway for a little while now and have an excuse to share this homemade merch I don’t wear anymore so here goes nothing!

So … Rules?
- must be following me (inspirafun)
- only reblogs count, but likes are appreciated :)
- make sure your ask is open
- no giveaway blogs
- must live in the US (sorry, I can only pay for so much shipping!)

I will choose 1 winner via number randomization on Sunday, Sept 21st at midnight central time. NOTE: You do NOT have to take all the prize items. If you only want a couple of the shirts listed, let me know which ones and I will choose a second winner to take the additional shirts.

The items included are:
- an Aim and Ignite inspired iron on and doodled on shirt
- a hashtagged ‘inspirafun’ band member hand-drawn shirt
- a Steel Train short-sleeved jean jacket, bleached and doodled on
- a TFiOS vaguely pedophilic swingset hand-drawn shirt
- an extra Steel Train logo fabric piece


Reminder: free homemade fun. related merch.

Second reminder: I want to do a thing. So here is the thing I am thinging. Reblog? ;)

One week left!!