Hello! All you really need to know about me is that my name is Madeline, and I like bands such as Fun., Bastille, Wolf Gang, Vampire Weekend, the Arctic Monkeys, P!AtD, FOB, Lana Del Rey, and Twenty One Pilots. I love Doctor Who and Sherlock! I am a Nerdfighter and I love to read!

I met 3/4 of Bastille and Lasse from Wolf Gang on May 20th and ever since then I have been fangirling everyday.



Me: *puts on song*

Me: *sings*

Me: *sings guitar parts*

Me: *sings all instruments*

Me: *air guitar*

Me: *air drums*

Me: *headbanging*

Me: *stand up, headbanging, air guitar*

Me: *1 man mosh pit in bedroom*